Big Data Environment


pentaho big data environment

Pentaho is delivering the future of business analytics. Pentaho’s open source heritage drives our continued innovation in a modern, integrated, embeddable platform built for the future of analytics, including diverse and big data requirements. Pentaho tightly couples data integration with full business analytics to solve data integration challenges while providing business analytics in a single, seamless platform. Pentaho Big Data integration ensures that complex analytics scenarios handling huge data volumes are executed seamlessly.

As the first major BI vendor to introduce its big data capabilities in May 2010, Pentaho has led the charge in big data analytics. This first-mover advantage enabled Pentaho to engage with big data customers early and to continually rollout technology updates that keep its users ahead of the big data curve. GrayMatter’s Pentaho practice has kept pace with all the above developments capitalizing on the in-house solution engineering capabilities to drive the Pentaho Big Data initiatives successfully with global customers till date. You could take advantage of the same and following outlines some of our packaged offerings that will ensure successful pentaho big data deployments


what we do?

Our Pentaho Big Data specialists with 3 to 4 highly successful global Big Data projects and experience spanning open source technologies to analytical deployments for government organizations over the years will first develop a feasibility study document. Thereafter GrayMatter’s Pentaho Big Data experts provide recommendations on Big Data platform and tools. Here is what we do to achieve desired results based on customer requirements:

Scope of Engagement – Pentaho Study
Engagement – Deliverables
  • Implementation of Pentaho Big Data Hadoop distributions : MapR, CloudEra, Hortonworks
  • Implementation of Pentaho Big Data enabled databases : MongoDB, InfiniDB, AWS Redshift, HPCC etc.,
  • Big Data Hadoop implementation with Pentaho
  • Real-time Analytics with Big data, Hadoop Consulting – Pentaho
  • Architecture Workshops in Pentaho
  • Comprehensive Q & A Document
  • Feasibility Pentaho Study Report
  • Complete Big Data Architecture Guide
  • Trouble shooting document
  • Pentaho Support

how we do IT?

GrayMatter’s Pentaho team approach and methodology of gathering information is non-obstructive with a focus on maximising executive as well as resource time in a simple, structured & scalable manner. Our Pentaho team will send individual questionnaires with clear guidelines on expected answers and specific non-negotiable information needed. Feasibility report on Pentaho Big Data environment set-up is an on-site cum off-site engagement delivered within 2 weeks. Based on recommendations and engagement plans the Pentaho Big Data Architecture deployment will take 2-6 months depending on the complexity of the requirements.


The Pentaho Consulting engagement for the Big Data platform feasibility study is executed by our Pentaho Big Data Solution experts. The execution of the Pentaho Big Data Architecture will be done by our Big Data specialists and solution engineering team combine who have been working on Pentaho platform and BI deployment for over 15 years.


Senior Pentaho Big Data Consultant
Solution Engineering Pentaho Consultant
  • Years of Experience: 15 years and above
  • Expertise: Pentaho Services, solution, tool stack & Big Data platform
  • Years of Experience: 10 years and above
  • Expertise: Pentaho Platform, Pentaho DWH and Pentaho BI solution engineering