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GrayMatter Delivers Insurance Analytics solution, IA+ in 8-weeks for AIA Bhd. Malaysia

AIA Bhd. in Malaysia today announced going live with GrayMatter’s Insurance Analytics solution, IA+. This Pentaho BI solution was rolled-out to the life insurer’s s…

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GrayMatter acquires Talents Technology Oy in Finland

“GrayMatter Software Services Oy acquires Talents Technology Oy, Finland in a quasi-acquisition deal to jump start operations in Finland. This transaction demonstrates intent and speed …

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Truly All Roads to Pentaho BI Lead to GrayMatter

September 19th 2014

We are happy to announce that  GrayMatter has been the only Pentaho BI Partner  across the globe, who has won the ‘Honorable Mention’  award for two  ‘pivotal’ categories out of the six award categories.

Below are our Honorable mentions

  1. Best Enterprise Deployment  –   AIA Bhd. Malaysia
  2. Best Big Data –  UIDAI ( Unique Identification Authority of India)

GrayMatter congratulates all the teams that worked on these projects. It is a great ‘moment of truth’ for our Pentaho BI practice and Pentaho BI News.

GrayMatter acquires Talents Technology Oy in Finland

September 12th 2014

“GrayMatter Software Services Oy acquires Talents Technology Oy, Finland in a quasi-acquisition deal to jump start operations in Finland. This transaction demonstrates intent and speed of execution shown by GrayMatter Worldwide towards ramping up their global R & D operations in Finland. Vikas Gupta, CEO for GrayMatter Worldwide, emphasized that “This acquisition is a great synergy and partnership wherein minds and vision meet.” 

Active Broadband Networks Integrates Pentaho Big Data Analytics

August 30th 2014

Active Broadband Networks, an innovative supplier of next-generation operational support systems (OSS) for broadband providers, today announced that it has integrated Pentaho Big Data Analytics with its Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM), providing network operators with a powerful suite of tools for analyzing the massive volume of stream data collected by the DBSM from network elements in broadband access networks.

Retailers Hope Big Data Drives Big Holiday Sales

August 30th 2014

"Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" have come to signify the two major holiday shopping events of the year.  But what many people may not realize is that this period signifies the approximate date on the calendar when many retail businesses move from operating in the red and start to actually make a profit for the entire year. So, performance during this period right up until the New Year holiday is critical to the annual bottom line. The secret weapon used by this season’s winning retailers is "Big Data analytics.

Why Big Data Is All Retailers Want for Christmas

August 30th 2014

Online retailers are seeing record holiday sales this year. ComScore reports that 57 million Americans shopped online on Black Friday, a 26% increase over 2011.As retailers settle in for this, their biggest selling season of the year, the use of big data has become a critical force in growing sales. Big data analytics is helping retailers stay in front of a new breed of consumer, the omni-channel shopper, and the avalanche of data they are generating.

Pentaho BI Refreshes Business Analytic Platform

August 30th 2014

Pentaho Inc.'s new version 4.8 of Pentaho Business Analytics introduces a new iPad-ready native app — dubbed Pentaho Mobile BI — along with a new visual discovery tool, dubbed "InstaView.

Open Source Software: The Mega List

August 30th 2014

Throughout the year, Datamation publishes guides to open source software in a variety of different categories, such as security, cloud computing, big data, small businesses, mobility and even games. It's become an annual tradition to compile all those open source apps we've featured into one gigantic list.

Better Data Integration with Hadoop? Itbs Possible

August 30th 2014

More organizations are using Hadoop not just to process large datasets, but as a replacement for the transformation engines in ETL.But is Hadoop capable of being a data integration platform, complete with data quality functions? Gartner analyst Ted Friedman (@Ted_Friedman) thinks not. Friedman recently wrote a research paper, “Hadoop is Not a Data Integration Solution,” on the topic.

Pentaho’s First-class Integration with MongoDB – The Future of BI

August 30th 2014

Open source has moved from imitator to innovator, and modern Business Intelligence (BI) tools like Pentaho reflect this. Today most BI tools are still tightly integrated with relational databases (RDBMS). But as Pentaho showed in its most recent Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0, this is set to change. BI tool vendors who persist in offering second-hand integration to first-class data sources like NoSQL databases are going to fall behind.</

Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0 Has Future of Big Data in Mind

August 30th 2014

Pentaho Corporation has released Pentaho Business Analytics 5.0, a completely redesigned data integration and analytics platform. Pentaho 5.0 provides a full spectrum of analytics for today's big data-driven businesses regardless of data type and volume, IT architecture, or analysis required. The new, modern interface simplifies the user experience for all those working to turn data into competitive advantage. Pentaho 5.0 includes more than 250 new features and improvements.

2014 Technology Predictions Series: Pentaho on Big Data

August 30th 2014

As 2013 winds down, it’s only natural for people to make personal New Year’s resolutions for 2014. It’s also a perfect time for technology industry predictions.This is the second installation in our multi-part “Technology Predictions for 2014″ series in which industry providers—from Big Data to cloud to mobile—share their predictions about the hot tech trends that will take center stage in 2014. We’ll be sharing all the predictions we’ve heard with you over the next several days.

Big Data In 2014: 6 Bold Predictions

August 30th 2014

Tis the season when temperatures tumble, shoppers stumble, and prognosticators fumble, often. Will these big data prophecies come true? How will big data evolve in 2014? The future is anyone's guess, of course, but we thought we'd compile a tasty holiday assortment of prognostications from executives working in the big data trenches. So without further delay, here they are — six big data predictions for next year.

GrayMatter Delivers Insurance Analytics solution, IA+ in 8-weeks for AIA Bhd. Malaysia

August 30th 2014

AIA Bhd. in Malaysia today announced going live with GrayMatter's Insurance Analytics solution, IA+. This solution was rolled-out to the life insurer’s sales & distribution channel across AIA Malaysia, providing performance dashboard access to AIA’s 17,000-strong agency force through smart phone & tablet. The project was implemented in a record 8 weeks.

Analytics For Insurance

August 30th 2014

In todays world, Insurance companies need to tap the advantages of data and analytics in all their functional areas to develop the competitive edge. The data available is so huge in insurance sector that when analyzed, will help improve operational efficiency and efficient decision making. This brings in the importance of analytics solution which will bring in the clarity of data and data analysis at the click of button. Naushad Khan elucidates how insurance companies can tap into analytics and data discovery solutions in all their functional areas to develop their competitive edge. He also emphasizes on the importance of how analytics and data discovery solutions can drive the shift of perception and thereby, exponential growth for the industry.

GrayMatter declared ‘Premium Partner’ for Pentaho worldwide

January 13th 2014

As a part of Pentaho BI News, Pentaho  announces  GrayMatter as a ‘Premium Partner’ among the very few distinguished  Pentaho Developers, Pentaho Reseller, Pentaho Consultant, Pentaho System Integrator and Pentaho Certified Trainer all rolled into one.