Our Pentaho Journey

Our Pentaho BI Journey

GrayMatter’s Pentaho BI journey started in the year 2006, coinciding with the emergence of both GrayMatter and Pentaho in the BI and Analytics space. It has been a journey of complementing wins with similarities in success, milestones and growth in stature. Today both Pentaho & GrayMatter bring a cutting-edge to the BI, Analytics & Big Data space, albeit in different ways. While one showcases the strengths of a BI platform, the other showcases the strength of analytics solution engineering using that platform. GrayMatter has evolved from being the world’s first global partner to the most valuable partner to ‘Pentaho premium partner’ worldwide, providing unparalleled support globally.

Today, Pentaho displays complete trust in the GrayMatter relationship, as is evident from the number of global service contracts that exist between the two, to deliver solutions using Pentaho platform. GrayMatter boasts of manifold presence for the Pentaho relationship since its inception in 2006 till date such as: Pentaho Implementation, Pentaho 7.0 Migration, Pentaho System Integrator, Pentaho Training Partner, Pentaho Worldwide partner, Pentaho Certified Worldwide Trainer, Pentaho worldwide distributor, Preferred Pentaho Consultant India, Pentaho Consultant APAC Region, Pentaho re-seller APAC, Master Pentaho Distributor, Pentaho Consulting Philippines, Pentaho consulting Europe, Pentaho consulting USA, Pentaho consulting India, Pentaho consulting partner, Pentaho implementation partner, Pentaho’s most valuable partner, Pentaho’s Premium Partner, Pentaho Developers USA, Pentaho Analyzer, Pentaho Architect, Pentaho CDE, Pentaho CDF; Pentaho Dashboard designer, Pentaho developers, Pentaho Kettle, Pentaho OLAP Cubes, Pentaho Reporting, Pentaho Software, Migrate to Pentaho 7.0, Pentaho Support, Pentaho Developers Bangalore, Pentaho Consulting UK, Pentaho Consulting UAE, Pentaho Consulting Germany, Pentaho Consulting Netherlands, Pentaho Consulting Malaysia.

Enjoy the ride below and become part of our Pentaho BI Journey


  • Pentaho Consulting Services

    GrayMatter acquired new Pentaho customers across geographies including USA, UK and Asia. Some of these customers are turning out to be large and strategic accounts for GrayMatter.

  • GrayMatter’s success story with Pentaho continued with successful execution of engagements around the globe leading to the milestone of having delivered 200+ projects worldwide.

    Pentaho Consulting
  • Pentaho BI

    Pentaho announces GrayMatter as one of the very few global Pentaho Consulting partners to be given the ‘Premium Partner’ status for 2014. GrayMatter creates massive inroads in Asia Pacific, Middle-East & parts of Europe like Hungary & Finland.

  • GrayMatter wins high number of global BI & Analytics projects that include several Pentaho projects. GrayMatter’s Pentaho credentials consist of several services engagements as well as pre-built industry solutions on Pentaho BI stack

    Pentaho Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho Business Intelligence

    While GrayMatter focus shifted to Industry specific products & solutions, significant work done on Pentaho BI support, delivery and subscription sales. GrayMatter’s Pentaho BI Training initiative yields massive results for Pentaho world-wide.

  • Achieved 75+ Pentaho BI projects implementation across the globe with almost 100% success rate, which is a rare BI distinction; Master distributorship for Pentaho globally with region specific assigns

    Pentaho Business Intelligence Consulting
  • Pentaho BI Services

    Achieved major in-roads into the US market with Stream Global account and a few others like Clarke’s; Subscription sales and distribution gained momentum with over 30 successes globally for Pentaho BI; Most valuable Partner tag continues.

  • A record 10 global projects won for Pentaho implementation world-wide including 3 in UK region London Borough of Camden, Specsavers Group and Sainsbury’s; A record number of subscriptions acquired in the same year for APAC region; Foray into the APAC market with strategic pentaho service partners.

    Pentaho BI Consulting
  • Pentaho BI

    Multiple implementations of Pentaho BI and Analytics projects in Europe and Asia. Declared as the ‘Most Valuable Pentaho Partner for 2008′; Pentaho announces GrayMatter as the ‘Pentaho Support Partner’ world-wide.

  • Successfully delivered 3 global BI projects strengthening the Pentaho global partnership as a Distributor, Re-seller & System Integrator of choice; BPCL a fortune 500 company comes on board and engaged till date.

    Pentaho Business Intelligence Services
  • Pentaho Dashboard Designer

    Successful implementation of two Pentaho projects achieved in short delivery span; Planned global collaboration to jointly execute Pentaho projects as well as platform training’s.