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Enhanced Big Data Insights with Pentaho 8.0

Anupam Dasgupta

Hitachi Vantara launched Pentaho 8.0 in the recently concluded Pentaho World 2017. We at GrayMatter, as pioneers in Pentaho from 2006, view this as a breakthrough in the analytics world particularly with respect to Big Data. GrayMatter has proven expertise of delivering remarkable ROI on Big Data Analytics engagements to global customers. This expertise coupled with the features in Pentaho 8.0 promises better big data insights for our valued customers.

Some of the key features in Pentaho 8.0 that GrayMatter experts look forward to leverage, to deliver customer value are listed below:


Improved connectivity to Streaming Data Sources

  • Pentaho 8.0 now fully enables stream data ingestion and processing using its native engine or Spark
  • Enables real-time processing with specialized steps that connect PDI to Kafka.
  • Latest Pentaho adds support for the Knox Gateway used for authenticating users to Hadoop services

Optimize Processing Resources

  • IT managers can now easily bring up additional nodes and spread simultaneous workloads across all available computation resources to match capacity with demand
  • Pentaho 8.0 makes adaptive execution easier to set up, use and secure to dynamically match workloads with the most appropriate processing engine
  • This latest version makes it easy to read and write to popular big data file formats like Avro and Parquet and process with Spark


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6 Key features which can be reasons to migrate to Pentaho 5.0

Gangadhara Boranna

We strongly encourage you to move to Pentaho’s latest environment that provides advanced Pentaho Data Migration features. Listed below are 6 top reasons why Pentaho 5.0 could be your ideal solution.

1. Integrated Administration in PUC & Merge of enterprise console into Pentaho user console

This aspect gives a completely fresh look to the user console. The Pentaho 5.0 version has improvised navigation through perspectives and home page with integrated administration. The user console also simplifies the permission control mechanism using ‘Manage Control’ interface.

2. New Scheduler Interface & Rest API interface for OEM integration

The new simplified scheduling on Pentaho emphasizes on the power and ease-of-use for end users. It gives the user, the ability to specify output location, full parameter support, extracting the reports optionally via Email and also provides the scheduled block times.

3. Manage your solution content on a more stable repository

The content management on the new Pentaho 5.0 has become easier with the addition of expanded file browsing, hide files and folders, move to trash, rename, cut, copy & paste file options. This helps to manage the solution content more efficiently.
Pentaho Data Migration
4. Extended Job monitoring in PDI

New 5.0 version helps in extended monitoring of sub jobs and transformations in the Carte- and DI- server via Operational –mart

5. New Instaview Templates

Pentaho 5.0 also comes with the new instaview use case templates for Hadoop and Splunk with expanded NoSQL integration

6. Better Big Data Integration

Pentaho 5.1 adds YARN support to support predictive analysis, transforms JSON for analysis by Big Data integration and analytics with enhanced NoSQL support from MongoDB.

The Pentaho Data Migration utility provided enables the easier transition from 4.8 to 5.0 and provides an automated way of moving data and settings from one system to another. This includes moving of Reports, Analyzer Files, Cubes, Metadata, ACL on each of the Solution FIles, User and Roles.

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