BI Roadmap

Vision, Strategy &Roadmap


GrayMatter focuses on building a BI &Analytics strategy that aligns with the enterprise vision, enhances knowledge management, builds business value by making the best use of information, enables BI penetration into the business processes, and helps enterprise with strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making. Our consultants discuss the key components of BI strategy to enable the vision of driving better business performance by Empowering the whole enterprise with actionable insights. GrayMatter BI &Analytics experts explain the steps to build the BI strategy that brings together the components that drive business operations, i.e., people, processes, and technology in a collaborative environment and highlights the approach to enable successful adoption of BI to deliver real business value. Once the broad strategy is finalized, the client can then plan for the BI roll-out roadmap and have a clear indication about how information is going to be delivered across the enterprise. GrayMatter’s Pentaho Consulting Services can engage with clients to provide pure consulting in designing the strategic BI Blueprint, and develop the BI roadmap, thus giving the enterprise analytics program a firm foundation to start with.

what we do?

What we do is essentially a function of what the customer wants? And then we have come across several instances wherein the customer does not know exactly what they want! Of course they know they need a BI and analytics program for sure. Our Scope &Deliverables are designed to give the Customer a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of a typical BI / Analytics program cycle and what outcomes to expect.

Scope of Engagement – study
Engagement – Deliverables
  • Overall vision &objective of BI project
  • Existing IT Lanscape
  • Possibilities of extracting data from each transactional system
  • Estimation of Data Volume- current &future
  • Corporate BI Strategy &RoadMap- A Report
  • Current IT infrastructure &Recommendation – Document
  • Data Management Report – Document
  • Gap Analysis Report

how we do IT?

Our approach and methodology of gathering information is non-obstructive with a focus on maximising executive as well as resource time in a simple, structured &scalable manner. Questionnaire’s are sent individually with clear guidelines on expected answers and specific non-negotiable information needed. On-site &off-site consulting mix is used to ensure the engagement is delivered within 2-weeks.


A typical BI Strategy &Road map is delivered by two senior resources combining the strengths of a Principal / Solution Architect and a Techno-business profile.


Senior consultant
Senior consultant
  • Years of Experience: 15 years and above
  • Expertise: Comprehensive DWH Architecting
  • Years of Experience: 15 and above
  • Expertise: Multiple domains plus Analytics delivery of 20+ projects